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Susan Sarandon
The Banger Sisters

Susan stars alongside Goldie Hawn in this heart warming story of lost friendships and dramatically changed lifestyles

Goldie Hawn - Suzette
Susan Sarandon - Lavinia Kingsley
Geoffery Rush - Harry Plumber
Erika Christensen - Hannah Kingsley
Eva Amurri - Ginger Kingsley
Plotline -
Back in college Lavinia and Suzette were best friends and famous groupies. 20 years later Suzette returns to Phoenix to find Lavinia or Vinnie as she calls her and discovers that she has moved on and become a prim and proper mother. Vinnie doesn't want Suzette in her life but after telling her this feels guilty and takes invites her to lunch. At the dinner table Suzette starts to reveal what Vinnie used to be like and after being laughed at by her children and husband Vinnie decides to take matters into her own hands and be herself again.
            Vinnie cuts her hair off, puts some of Suzettes clothes on and hits the town with Suzette. After a night of partying and reliving old memories Suzette and Vinnie look as if they had never been apart. Vinnies family finally accept her for who she is and promise to treat her differently in future and Suzette drives into the sunset and back to LA with new close friend Harry Plumber.
This truly is one of the best comedies i have seen in a long time. A story about true friendship and changed lifestyles, the Banger sister is a really enjoyable movie, providing a lot of laughs along the way!

Susan and Goldie Hawn as there characters Lavinia and Suzette

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