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Her hard work finally paid off ..

Susan's next major role was playing Annie Savoy in "Bull Durham" with Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins. She would be known from now on as the sexy older woman. She gradually grew closer to Tim Robbins and they eventually fell in love. Although Tim is 12 years younger than her she has had two children with him, Jack Henry and Miles. They live together in common law marraige.
Her next big movie was in 1991 opposite Geena Davies as a fugitive in Ridley Scotts "Thelma and Louise". They both won oscar nominations for this film but failed to win. She was later nominated again for her role in Lorenzo's oil.
After being nominated for an oscar twice she finally won one for her role in "Dead man walking" starring opposite ex boyfriend Sean Penn. Tim Robbins directed the film and her daughter Eva also had a cameo role.
Susan decided to take a break for 3 long years but then returned better than ever with weepy film "Stepmom" and "Twilight".
And now? Well Susan is now in her late 50's and looking better than ever! She has defied the laws of Hollywood by growing old gracefully and never fails to leave people breath taken with her performances.
She is still living happily with partner Tim and her three children whilst working on her new films. Susan constantly attends fund raisers and charity events. She also regulary attends protests ; her fiery personality is still going strong!


Biography - Her big break


Still together after 16 years