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Previous news and gossip

Susan recieved a prestigious Spirit of Liberty award at the 2004 awards bash.
14th December 2004
Tim and Susan attended the Lemony Snicket NY premiere with Susan sporting a red hair streak. One reporter who was in the premiere sitting only a couple of rows behind them said they were canoodling like love sick teenagers. Apparently when Tim leaned forward out of his seat she affectionately stroked his back and then gave him a kiss. :-)
13th December 2004
Susan was spotted at a New York Knicks game with Jack and Miles recently and was only too happy to pose for a photograph. Could she get any better?
Susan attended the 10th anniversary Gala extravaganza and the Hotel Rwanda Premiere in the recent weeks.
12th-14th November 2004
The premiere of Noel was last night and Susan attended along with her co stars. To view pictures click below.
12th November 2004
The women of the year awards took place on the 8th November and Susan got the priveledge of presenting an award to none other than her co star in Romance and Cigarettes Kate Winslet. For pictures of Susan and Kate click on the link below.
8th November 2004
Susan turned up to the ACE awards looking amazing earlier this week as usual. To view pictures of her tremendous figure click here.
1st November 2004
Susan has recently attended the memorial service of the late Christopher Reeves. She was a close friend of Reeves and was said to be deeply saddened by his death.
Susan attended the "Of corsets for a good cause" where she spent most of the evening with her close friend Geena Davies (co star in Thelma and Louise). To view pictures of her on stage and enjoying the evening click here.
20th October 2004
The Noel trailer is up!! Click here to view the website and trailer. It looks great! 
20th October 2004
To see pictures of Susan and Tim at the New York Alfie premiere click here.
18th October 2004
Shes been out and about a lot recently and also showed her face at the 'Viva Pedro' New York film festival event. Again to view pictures click here
7th October 2004
Susan recently attended the New York premiere of 'Shall we dance?' at the Paris theatre. To view pictures of Susan posing with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez click here.
5th October 2004
New movie Team America : World Police is due to have some violent scenes containing puppets of Susan and her partner Tim Robbins. Tims puppet is set on fire and Susans puppet is dropped from a skyscraper in this liberal bashing film. The opening credits on the preview said "Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Janeane Garofalo, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, George .W. Bush, John Kerry, 'Kim Jong ll'...will all be really really mad ... when they see ...TEAM AMERICA : WORLD POLICE!"
 5th October 2004
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!!! Can you believe shes 58?? Hope she has a fantastic day, she certainly deserves it!
4th October 04
Susan is the host of the rape, abuse and incest national network event which is takin place in Los Angeles on October the 20th. Fredericks of Hollywood are holding the event in which lingerie designed by celebs is to be auctioned off. Geena Davies, Susan and Britney Spears have all designed corsets. Susan's collection is called 'Prayers of the heart' and Britneys is called 'Every mans dream'.
Susan is one of the many guests thats due to attend this years Toronto film festival. Other guest include Joan Rivers, Sigourney Weaver, Jeff Daniels, Sean Penn, Dustin Hoffman, Roger Ebert, Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon, Lily Tomlin, and Nick Nolte.
          This is all due to kick off September the 9th so as soon as theres any pictures i'll add them!
Susan is going to be the voice of a new 11hour radio documentary based on the late composer Leonard Bernstein that will air internationally next month.
September 2nd 04
Susan is to appear at the Apollo theater on September the 13th in NYC with other stars such as Julia Stiles, Isabella Rossillini, Vanessa Carlton and more. The campaign will be "Vaginas vote, chicks rock". This is to encourage women speaking out and voting in politics. 
August 18th 04
It has recently been confirmed that Susan has indeed joined the Revlon team and became the new representative.
August 17th 04
Susan has signed up to do a TV show called "The Exonerated". She is due to play a character called Sunny, co starring Danny Glover, Brian Dennehy, Delroy Lindo, Aidan Quinn and David Brown, Jr. This is a remake of a famous controversial play displaying subjects such as capital punishment and wrongful incarceration.
             "Court TV continues its commitment to air important, cause-related programming, through our production of original movies and documentaries," said Court TV Chairman and CEO Henry Schleiff. "The Exonerated exposes the potentially devastating anguish inflicted by the death penalty. Since its opening, the play has been a catalyst for the reevaluation of capital punishment laws and we expect the movie to further that momentum."
          Based on true stories, The Exonerated uses documentary footage of interviews, letters, transcripts and public record to highlight the American Justice system.
Susan spoke out about her public views by saying, " If my privacy is going to be invaded and i'm going to be treated as a commodity, i might as well take advantage of it."
Susan recently went to a fine art gallery in Provincetown sporting a pink tank top saying " oh, how can we put this politely?".
Susan has recently been out and about at a special screening of Anchorman with her family. Long term partner Tim Robbins has a guest cameo in this film. To see pictures click here
7th July 2004
Susan and Dustin Hoffman have admitted to being very close whilst filming "Moonlight Mile". They both said that they could have been married.
           These rumours obviously did not go any further as Susan has a long term partner Tim Robbins and Dustin is married.
           Dustin said "There are people in the world that you could have been married to, and married happily to. I felt that that was a mystery that existed between Susan and I" He goes on to say. "I think Susan and I could have been married. I think that me and Susan could still be together after many years. I think i would never have won one fight with Susan. I think we both remain very horny creatures. we do have certain things in common.
          Susan and Dustin have jokingly agreed never again to work apart as they got on so well. Susan says "I was surprised myself that we had never worked together before. We plan to work together from now on, only with each other. Thats what he told me"
        " I don't know how to explain it" she goes on to say. "When i saw the movie i thought have we been married? Have we been together?" Dustin is very open, very funny, really gifted. A little obsessive, very sexy, very cuddly and i just felt at home and then we just started padding around together."
     Interesting :-)